News and Bulletins


Apr 17, 2020


Emailed to all Operating Agents, Designated Representatives and Authorized Appointees

The Insurance Council of Manitoba (ICM) has been monitoring and assessing developments with COVID-19. The health and safety of the public, our licensees and our staff is our priority. Council is taking special measures to ensure that we continue to provide services and carry out our role as a regulator.

Criminal Record Checks (CRCs) are one of the mandatory licensing requirements when applying for an insurance licence in Manitoba (applicable to those new applicants, those who have not held a Manitoba licence for 12 months or longer, and those that have had a change in their criminal history). 

CRCs are typically only accepted when issued through the applicant`s RCMP or municipal city police depending upon where the applicant resides.  The ICM has been made aware that many RCMP offices are not open and available to the public to obtain these CRCs at this time. With this in mind, on an interim basis during the COVID-19 period, effective April 17th, 2020, the ICM will be accepting third party criminal record checks (CRCs) issued through Sterling Backcheck from those applicants that are unable to obtain a CRC through their local municipal police department.  Applicants must ensure that they obtain the check with CPIC results and local indices results. A CRC submitted to the ICM without local indices results would not be accepted.

If you are a resident of Winnipeg, you are able to continue to obtain your CRC through the Winnipeg City Police.

The ICM continues to work with licensees to better serve them during this pandemic, and trusts that this option will alleviate the delay in an applicant applying for a licence in Manitoba.